Earth Harmonics is the practice of bringing the natural environment into balance through the use of Earth Energetic supportive devices, such as the Earth Harmonizer. This device taps into the Earth’s latent reservoirs of healing energies by enriching the Earth’s Energetic Grid system with a pattern and vibration that resonates in harmony with greater Universal healing energies.

The Earth, just like humans, has an energetic body with a merdian system and potent points, just like we would think of in Acupuncture. By tapping and resonating these potent points harmonically, we can “call” in supportive, nourishing energies from deep within the earth. This energy is bound there and expresses itself from time to time in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and tornados. These are actually the earth’s way of releasing tension buildup, adjusting itself to be in harmony with the greater galaxy and universe. The ancients were well aware of this relationship and built structures that would help to stabilize the release of energy, such as the the pyramids and temples of the world

By placing an Earth Harmonizer on your land, you create a passage way that allows the earth to “vent” it’s internal energy, actually preventing catastrophic discharges witnessed in natural disasters. The benefit to you is that this healing energy surrounds your property, extending well into the sky above you, creating a sphere of influence that has been found to consistently break apart atmospheric pollution.
On an energetic level the Earth Harmonizer is set to resonate with wavelengths associated with deep meditative states, bringing a calm and balance to you and your family.


Earth Harmonizer in Pentagonal Garden

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